Monday, April 02, 2007

Politics of Desperation

Democrats from across Rensselaer County gathered on Sunday to unveil their 2007 team for victory, which party leaders said will reverse the long line of losses for the party. The party’s candidates for Troy mayor, county Sheriff and District Attorney mingled with volunteers and…

April Fool’s!

County Democrats are becoming increasingly desperate to find someone, anyone, to run for office this fall. It’s gotten so bad that party leaders are trying to firm up support for Jim Conroy – yes, that Jim Conroy – to run for Troy mayor.

If you believe Jim Conroy can beat hardworking Harry Tutunjian, well, we’ve got a house on 10th Street we’d like to sell you, especially if you’ve gotten public money to buy the house.

On the District Attorney front, Dem boss Tom Wade ran over a bunch of prospective candidates when he thought he had a stronger hand. But Wade’s well has run dry, no one who the party believes can win has stepped forward and the hot-tempered boss is swallowing his pride and going back to some of those would-be candidates he stepped on, hoping someone will take his call.