Sunday, April 16, 2006

CB's Special Rights and Privileges

How bad has it gotten in North Greenbush? How crazy is life in town government under the all-Democrat Town Board? How bizarre is it having CB Smith running the show?

This is how bad. The Town Board, again, the puppet trio of Fennelly-Michaels-Mihalko, voted to take away the ability of Evers to solely sign and authorize checks. The checks now also require the signature of Comptroller Ted Nabywaniec, husband of DANA Diva Maryjo Nabywaniec.

Why did the Town Board take away Evers’ ability to solely sign checks? Apparently, Evers asked for CB Smith to show what work he had done to deserve a check. Remember, CB is making $21,000 annually for a part-time job, but apparently doesn’t have to account for his time or show proof of any work he has done for the town.

Asked to name one other town in which the Supervisor cannot solely sign checks, the Fennelly-Michaels-Mihalko puppet trio were unable to give any response. That’s probably because Boss Dan or CB neglected to write them a response beforehand.

Consider this: Just last fall, Boss Dan and CB asked you to elect the Town Board team of Evers, Michaels and Kern. Now, just a few months after taking office, they are attacking Evers, can’t count on Kern’s vote and are working overtime to rewrite the rules of operation to benefit their grab for power. Do you feel good about these political hacks and hit-men running our town? Didn’t they promise to make things better?

Posted April 16, 2006