Thursday, March 30, 2006

LeBrun's Liberal Lurch

Times Union columnist Fred LeBrun was one of those who pulled their wagons into a circle around Eliot Spitzer after the AG and anointed-governor compared much of upstate to Appalachia.

“Eliot told it like it is,” wrote Fred in his March 26 column.

The whole blow-up over the Appalachia comment misses a couple of important points about Spitzer and the Dems regarding economic development in upstate New York that Fred should have focused on:

1) Can anyone name three specific points Spitzer has for revitalizing upstate? The AG’s job is somewhat proactive, but in general, you’re responding to things after the fact. If he becomes governor, Spitzer goes from Monday morning quarterback to playmaker. What’s his plan?

2) Chuck Schumer got elected to U.S. Senate in 1998 and promised to focus on creating new jobs in upstate. Hillary Clinton, after her listening tour throughout much of upstate, said she would make economic development in upstate a priority. So where are the jobs, Chuck and Hillary? Chuck and Hillary hold the second most powerful jobs in the land, besides president, and if upstate really is like Appalachia, what does that say about their work. Better yet, should Spitzer go after Chuck and Hillary like he went after H & R Block – you know, deceiving the people of New York with false promises?

So far, the Dems have shown their commitment to redeveloping upstate New York by nominating or backing a ticket – Spitzer, Paterson, Cuomo and Hevesi – entirely comprised of New York City liberals. Upstate to these guys is Nyack.

The Dems on economic development in upstate New York: No plan and no record. Makes you kind of nervous, huh?