Friday, March 31, 2006

1, 2, 3 - CB's Not for Me

Some Democrats in North Greenbush are trying to encourage their front man CB Smith to take up some new hobbies. Hang gliding, maybe. Deep sea diving, say others. How about rock climbing?

In short, many Democrats are hoping CB goes away. They know they have a problem. Democrats won big last November, and then did the one thing that may bring them back to the brink of political extinction. They hired CB to work for the town. At a salary of $21,000, paid for by you, Mr. and Mrs. North Greenbush taxpayer. Yup, the same CB who sued Classie Lassies girl’s softball. The same CB Smith who help wrongly fire more than 12 employees. The same CB Smith who gives new definition to the phrase lightning rod.

Democrats have been meeting to come up with some way – any way – to get CB gone from the town offices. They seem to think “CB” stands for “Clear Blowout” for Dems in future town elections.

The first meeting was held a few weeks at the Grove bar. They had less than 20 at the meeting. Last week, there were more than 40. Some advice to bar and tavern owners in the North Greenbush area – Clear some space and stock up on more chairs; these meetings are only going to get more crowded.