Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Colonel Gets Promoted

The tidal wave continues to build for Republican candidates seeking election to the House of Representatives. On Tuesday, the Gallup poll showed a 10 point advantage for the GOP – the largest advantage in almost 70 years.

Democrats are running scared and running crazy, trying too late to convince voters they are independent, do not listen to Queen Pelosi and are "fighting" Washington. Those statements and advertisements are really the sound of political careers get flushed, courtesy of Team Obama.

Nowhere is that more than true than in the 20th Congressional District, the scene of the 2006 upset by now-Senator Gillibrand over John Sweeney and the 2009 squeaker by virtual unknown Scott Murphy. Murphy had and is now trying to portray himself as one of the so-called Blue Dog Conservative Democrats, but he is a marked man due to his flip-flop to a yes vote on the disastrous health care legislation.

It has gotten so bad for Murphy that he rarely holds public appearances, and apparently insisted that the public not be allowed to attend a debate as the November election draws near.

Murphy's opponent in that debate and in the race, retired Army Col. Chris Gibson, has been gaining momentum and support, out-fundraising Murphy in recent reports. The news got better for Gibson, as he was elevated to "Young Gun" status by national Republicans.

Being elevated to "Young Gun" is important for Gibson because it earns him two weeks of television advertisements. National GOP leaders on behalf of Gibson have already placed television buys; by comparison, national Democrats have failed to reserve TV ad space for Murphy, who has self-funded a couple of weak, vanilla TV spots.

Gibson has the muscle on the ground. He collected more than double the signatures of nominating petitions as Murphy and you are in for a long ride if you would like to eyeball a Murphy lawn sign in the 20th CD. Gibson has more volunteers, has the issues on his side, and now, has some national mojo coming his way. In the past few weeks, Gibson has seen his candidacy and chances of winning the race upgraded, and he is heading right for the win on Election Day.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Leave it to Lou Desso to unite at least some of the often-fractious political world in North Greenbush.

Desso completed the political equivalent of winning the Triple Crown Thursday evening, capturing the Democratic caucus and winning the party's nomination for Town Board. The win in the Democratic caucus came after Desso had already received the Republican, Independence and Conservative nominations.

Quite a feat, and Desso is probably the only politician in Rensselaer County to win four party endorsements. In fact, the caucus victory Thursday marks the second time Desso has won the backing of the four parties, also doing so in 2007. But the 2010 victory is even more impressive when you consider Desso won the Democratic caucus by a 2-1 margin.

The Desso win is a stunning repudiation of the negative tactics of supposed NGB Democratic bosses Dan Ashley and CB Smith. Thursday night, Ashley and Smith were playing on the home court, by their own rules and in THEIR OWN PARTY. And Desso beat them big time.

Ashley and Smith are now left to complain that Desso's win does not leave voters with much of a choice. Nonsense. Party members have every right to decide their party's nominations and have done so in granting Desso the GOP, Democratic, Independence and Conservative endorsements. Those decisions count.

Any complaints by Ashley and Smith about voters not having a "choice" are made even more ridiculous when you consider they helped engineer a lawsuit several months ago that removed Desso from the Town Board after Desso won election to County Legislature in 2009. The lawsuit ignored the fact that Democrat after Democrat after Democrat held dual county-town offices, along with conveniently using the courts to undo the will of the people.

That Chicago-style liberal heavy-handedness, of using Democratic judges to overturn the results of an election, is apparently being undone by the people of North Greenbush, who are speaking loudly and clearly that they want Lou Desso to represent them. Desso's win shows he a real political force to be reckoned with, just as it shows that Ashley and Smith are way out of step with members of their own party in their own town.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dems Go Write to Court

The slowly ticking bombshell involving the alleged forgery of absentee ballots by Democrats detonated Thursday, and could end up taking most of the City Council's majority out in the next several months.

A foot-high stack of documents, affidavits and other materials compiled by State Police and a special prosecutor and filed in court spell out a staggering amount of fraud by Democrats hoping to steal the Working Families line in the September 2009 primary.

This week, Judge Stephen Herrick of Albany County signed a search warrant that seeks to compel DNA samples from nine big-time Rensselaer County and Troy Democrats including:

Council President Clem Campana, Councilmen John Brown, Mike LoPorto, Gary Galuski and Kevin McGrath, Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner Ed McDonough, Brown's brother Dan, City Council Clerk Bill McInerney and Troy Housing Authority Tony DeFiglio.

That's five out of the seven members of the Troy City Council, plus a staff member. A court date on the warrant seeking the DNA sample is set for mid-September, ironically, right around Primary Day.

What is interesting is one of the five council members is already fingering his buddies, as seen in the CBS6 link. And word on the street is one and maybe two Democrats are planning to fight the DNA request.

Read all about it:

Monday, June 07, 2010

What'll it be, Joanne?

Maybe it's the ongoing federal investigation. Maybe it's the fact that their ideas don't work. Or maybe it's because their name is just a little misleading. It doesn't matter why the Democrats are running full-speed away from the Working Families Party; it just matters that at the statewide level, led by Andrew Cuomo, they are. But what about here in Rensselaer County?

We'd particular like to know about Joanne Yepsen, who's running for state senate. Yepsen hasn't made a peep about the WFP, presumably because she's been busy purging her website of mentions of how pleased she was to run on the Working Families Party line in 2007 and 2009, and presumably, how much she supports their platform and thinks their plan to tax the life out of upstate is just swell.

So what'll it be, Joanne? Will you be casting your lot again with the crazies this year? We're waiting.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Oops! It seems our sources had a bit of word reversal about Jim Conroy skipping the Andrew Cuomo event earlier this week. We're not above admitting mistakes on our part, and we would have had this up earlier but our people spent all week scouring other local political blogs to find out how they acknowledge their errors. Come to find out, our dear friend Democratus never owned up to his, so we're treading into uncharted territory here. Anyways, enjoy your weekend, folks. Fresh, triple-checked material next week.